As you may know, on January 3rd Tookens Blockchain Technology promoted its Watafan smart contract to RSK MainNet and issued a beautiful watacard illustrated by Joseph Díaz. This event is significant as it commemorates the 10th Anniversary of Bitcoin.

It is a pleasure for us to announce the agreement reached with RSK Labs to push together this technology further ahead. We will strive to bring the RSK infrastructure to the masses through our Watafan and Watafan Idols dApps.

The Watafan Idols mobile DApp allows Idols all around the world to create their own digital trading cards called watacards (ERC-721) to celebrate important moments of their lives and to immortalize them into exclusive and scarce digital print runs.
Fans will receive those watacards in their Watafan personal wallet directly from their idols wallet. Those watacards fulfill the same purpose as a digital device-to-device autograph.
Our Watafan Smart contract rules the business logic of this new kind of
tradeable asset and its global marketplace with no intermediaries. As an additional feature, content creators (the Idol) will receive fees as a compensation every time these watacards are sold into the marketplace

RSK is a powerful project built on the idea of how sidechains can scale Bitcoin. Some Important reasons why we have chosen RSK:

First- RSK does not have a native currency of its own, but it uses a token that is released after blocking in the main chain the corresponding bitcoins amount, having a parity of 1:1. This prevents the network from depending on a self monetary incentive that could be not strong enough.
Bitcoin has achieved this on the basis of a good alignment of incentives and a very strong network effect. This is a very difficult achievement we must not underestimate.
Second- A very important concept called “Merge Mining” allows Bitcoin miners to earn extra money by using the energy consumed to solve blocks in secondary blockchains or sidechains. This concept allows to build projects with different features while using Bitcoin as a settlement network and backing them with high hashpower.
Third- RSK has the same functionality than Ethereum, bringing more complex smart contracts on top of Bitcoin.
Fourth- The RIF OS framework created by RSK will open the possibility for developers to create dApps easily on RSK and offer different tools such as domain services, distributed storage of data, and more

Fifth- RSK team is really aligned with our view about evolving to a better world with no barriers and limitations. Inclusion and own control of our valuable assets are some of the goals we are looking for.

We are really excited about the launch of our dApps. We encourage all kind of people to get involved in the ecosystem since there is no need to be proficient on programming languages, cryptography or mining, to interact with watacards created by idols you admire. Our vision is that content creators (idols) can bring into the game many of their fans and further expand this technology.

Thanks to the RSK team for all the support and kindness.

I have no doubt this road will be exciting and encouraging.

Join us and help us grow. Thanks in advance to all the community

The Watacard Revolution has just started!

Toni Moral (CEO & Founder)